About Us

At iKandy.co, we help forward-thinking companies grow.

We are a full-service photo editing, photo blending, web design and digital marketing company. Our team of out-of-the-box design gurus and thinkers ensure that your brand gets to make a visual statement that will be remembered. We create stunning visual and digital marketing solutions for your brand so that it can soar over the rest.


At iKandy.co, we take creativity to a whole new level since each and every member of our team strives to craft a unique brand image for our domestic and international clients. Our services include high quality logo design, graphics design, and digital marketing services that are matchless and highly cost effective. We offer unmatched value with everything we create.

Our Mission

With a combination of our creative designers and cutting edge techniques we aim to reshape your marketing strategy that will make your brand stand out in the most effective way possible. With our help, your brand will pique the interests of your audience and get noticed on a larger scale, leading to better conversion rates. We are here to make a fundamentally positive difference to the way your brand is seen in the digital realm.

Our Team

At iKandy.co, we have a pool of highly skilled and incredibly talented individuals who are waiting to amaze you with their creative talent in logo and website design. With years of experience and expertise in logo design and digital marketing, we are at the best position to provide you with unmatched quality of service. At iKandy.co, we believe in originality, and we strive to achieve it. Our professional designers and digital marketers are experts in their craft. We can’t wait to share our mind-blowing ideas with you.

Whether you require photo editing, photo blending, digital marketing or web design services, we are a fast and responsive company that delivers on its promise, and we promise to deliver you with design results that will leave you amazed. We are more than just a design company, specializing in logo and web design, we deliver results and give each client the full attention of our expert designers and digital marketing team. It won’t take us long to transform your brand into a sales powerhouse.