Five benefits of using high-quality images in articles

by Angela Swolsky-Madonian

Whenever you are going to post new content on the internet, it’s a good idea to include high-quality, relevant images in your articles. This is because there are a lot of potential benefits that you stand to gain with the inclusion of those images in your articles. Just ask any digital marketing company, and they will tell you that you most definitely should add images to all of the content that you post online. Here are some of the benefits that you are sure to gain if you just include more images.

1. More page views
Getting more page views is the goal of every article that you post. It would be easier to reach that objective if you include a high-quality image. Statistics have shown that articles with images get more views than those without.

2. Higher search ranking results
If you would like to increase the search ranking of your web pages, then you have got to include images in them too. Search algorithms take into account the images in the articles as well.

3. Increased customer interest
More people are going to contact your business if they see that there is a relevant image attached to it on Google search. So if you would like to convert that customer interest into an actual sale, you have got to include more images in the articles that you post online. The more images that you include in your articles, then the higher the chance that Google will also include those images whenever someone searches for your business.

4. Boost post engagement
People are more likely to read, comment and even share your post or article if they see that it has got an image in it. Using a high-quality picture as part of your article can boost the post’s engagement.

5. Sell more of product
Customers are more interested in how your product looks rather than product-specific details. It is true, in studies that have been conducted, many respondents have said that they are more likely to look at an image rather than read product details. So a high-quality image of your product can be equal or even more important than whatever you have written about it on your product page.

So there you have it, as you can quite clearly see in this article, the use of images in your content could be extremely beneficial. You may want to try a digital marketing agency in Toledo Ohio if you are located in that area. This is because if you hire a locally based marketing company, then your marketing or promotional campaign can be handled much more conveniently by them. Not to mention, they could also improve the content of your posts, including the kinds of images that you use for them.

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