Why should you use images in every article?

by Angela Swolsky-Madonian

Promoting your products and services online is hugely important. If you want to market your business online successfully, this means that you have got to post content. Optimising your content does not only mean writing and using high-quality articles, but it also means adding high-quality images to those articles as well.


It does not matter what kind of post or article that you are planning to upload online; it’s important to add an image to each one of them. If you consult with a professional digital marketing company, they will urge you to do the same thing.


Images can boost search rankings


Boosting the search ranking for your website is so much easier if you have got high-quality images in your articles. This is because a lot of search algorithms also take into account the image and its alt tags, to determine search ranking results.


Increased interest in the articles


User engagement, page views, etc. can all be boosted with the inclusion of high-quality images in your articles. If you would like to increase the interest people have in your website, then you also need to make sure that you have got high-quality images included on it.


We live in a visual culture


It is undeniable that our current modern culture places a lot of value on looks and appearances. It is important to remember that fact when you are marketing your product. You can use the dominance of our visual culture in your marketing scheme by including high-quality images as part of your posts.


If you hire a digital marketing agency, like iKandy, they can take care of all of your image needs for you. They can create content for the articles that you need, and also add relevant and high-quality images to go along with it. This means that you can ensure that whatever business-related articles you post online, will be optimised for SEO. This approach can help your business in boosting sales by increasing interest in your products and services.


Now that you know that there are so many reasons why images are so important to your online marketing, adding high-quality images to every article is a must. Plus, you are going to boost the success rates of your marketing campaign if you do. It does not matter what sort of promotional campaign that you are planning to launch, high-quality images do nothing but boost your efforts.

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