How Often to Post on Social Media Platforms?

by Angela Swolsky-Madonian

Are you posting too often or too infrequently on social media? Social media has become one of the best ways for individuals/companies to interact with people. However, it’s also important to use the channels in the most effective ways, and that includes the frequency of posts.


If your company posts one day on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., you’ll certainly get some traffic, Likes, and Shares. However, will that optimize the responses you get from the posts? It might seem that posting 2-3 times per day will get you bigger results since you’re posting more frequently. It also might seem that if you post more messages to each social network would produce better results. Here are some guidelines for different platforms:


  1. Twitter

Twitter is still the go-to social platform for many fans of microblogging. The company has gone through some issues in recent years but has made several changes recently in an attempt to boost its user base. Quick Sprout learned that retweet takes place within one hour after people tweet. As a result, it’s recommended that Twitter users make 15 Twitter posts per day. The range is 1 to 51, but the sweet spot is 15.


It’s also recommended that Twitter users retweet/curate around seven tweets per day. This will help to produce the best results when using the social network with over 328 million monthly active users (MAUs).  


  1. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network with over 2 billion active users. How often should you post on the social platform used by 80% of online adults in the US alone?


Studies show that one post per day is the optimum amount. It’s recommended that you post 1-2 times per day, but Ahalogy recommends once a day. That will help to avoid your posts from seeming spammy. Regardless of what you think about the canned meat, it’s something you’ll want to avoid when making social posts! The best times are from 1 p.m.  To 4 p.m, but again every industry is different.  It’s suggested that you start with these time frames then and a few different ones and compare results over the course of a month or two.


How about curating/re-sharing a post? It’s recommended that you do that every-other-day. Again, this is recommended as a way to avoid your company seeming spammy. It’s something you should add to your social repertoire but just don’t overdo it.  

  1. Instagram

Buffer recommends that Instagram users make a 1-2 post per day on the image/video-sharing social platform. The range they should consider for things like social media marketing (SMM) is 1-3 posts, but the sweet spot is 1-2 posts. The best times are 8 a.m. to 9.a.m. and 2:00 a.m. It’s highly recommended that people don’t make more than two posts per day. It’s also suggested that Instagram users curate posts just when it’s necessary and helpful to the company’s target market. This is a different approach to other social networks but is something to keep in mind since it’s based on solid research.

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