Top Benefits of Choosing Website Themes

website themesAre you planning to build a new company website? If so then you should consider adding website themes. Companies like iKandy, llc can provide them for you and their several benefits including the following ones:

1. Responsive Design

This approach to web design has been growing in importance during the past few years when Google started making it a priority for search rankings. What’s it all about? Responsive design focuses on providing the same level of experience for all users regardless of what device they’re using. Be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, the sites quality remains consistent.

Why is responsive design critical? The number of Google searches on mobile recently passed PC/Mac. This shows the trend of more users picking smartphones/tablets to do their web searches over desktops/laptops. Another factor is the spike in mobile device sales. Global sales surged 9% last year, and the trend is expected to continue during the next year.

2. Variety/Options

The number of themes to pick from is quite high. They include choices from blogging to products/services. This gives your company the ability to pick the themes that best suit your particular company. This, in turn, will help you to customize your website. It’s one of the most important issues to consider when launching a website so you can include the elements you want for your site. Remember to focus on the functionality of the theme you choose since the graphics company you hire, or you will be adding your own custom graphics.

3. Front Page appearance

You can also find themes with different looks for the front page. That includes options like feature boxes with a single or dual pane. The front page is critical since it provides visitors with a first impression. So it’s always a plus if your company has more options regarding the appearance and themes can offer this to your business.

4. Fast/easy set-up

A marketing agency toledo Ohio can help to get you started with fast and easy setup. These are great features since it can help to get your website up and to run faster. That’s always a plus. Another benefit is there’s no coding needed to launch or maintain the theme. This makes the process a better option in cases like short launch times. In those situations, it’s critical to prepare the website as quickly as possible, and themes are one of the best options.

5. Ecommerce ready

Here’s another key benefit of using themes for your website. E-commerce is big business and is projected to pass $2 trillion in global sales this year. Your company might want to use your website for e-commerce. If so then it’s important to build the site, so it’s e-commerce-friendly. This is one of the pluses of using themes. Since they’re ecommerce ready, you won’t have to make adjustments when building your website to make it so.

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